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About VM product Ajax search

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VMA : Virtuemart products Ajax search is the module developed by Ossolution. It allows user can search VM products through the search form. The module uses the Ajax method for searching. It provides the attractive effects, it can also show the result quickly in current page instead of loading new page.

Features of module
a.    Attractive effects.
b.    Search result quickly
c.    Administrator can setup the VM categories that the search module will search through
d.    Administrator can select to search the products that available in the stock
e.    Administrator can select to search through Product name, Product SKU, product description.
f.    Administrator can select to allow customer to filter result via Product type (Virtuemart 1.x), Custom fields (Virtuemat 2.x), Manufacturer, Product price, Product categories
g.    Using Dodo Js script.
h.    Module can be installed in Joomla 1.5 Native, Joomla 1.6, Joomla 1.7 and Joomla 2.5.x
i.    VMA can search products from Virtuemart 1.1.x and Virtuemart 2.0


Support Center

If you need more information about VMA product, please contact us via:

  • Tel: (+844) 976381495
  • Email: damdt@joomservices.com
  • Website:www.joomdonation.com
  • Yahoo: thucdam84
  • Skype: thucdam84

Today Blogs

New version is released (3/3/2012)

Today, i received the ticket from one customer, he suggested me to make the product categories filter from the frontend. When i heard that idea, i thought, VMA has the categories filter in backend. Why do i need to add the filter in the frontend. But after one hour, i found that is a good idea. A lot VM site now sell many kind of products. For example, the mobile store can sell the mobiles from many manufacturer, and many categories. If i am customer, i only need some of all categories. So i won't interested when i see the products of the categories i don't want to search. I don't need more time to thinking, started working for new version. And the new version was released. Now, administrator can select to show the filter of the categories in the frontend with the categories administrator setup in the configuration part in the backend.

I hope new version can satisfy many customers.

I always receive the idea from customer. If the ideas are good, i am happy to implement it and add into the package.

Dang Thuc Dam, Hanoi, Vietnam, 3.3.2012

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